Do you have a site? Just started or looking forward to a new design but don’t know where to start from? In this guide, the common questions about eCommerce WordPress themes would be detailedly answered. And afterwards, we move around to explore highly defined features, and convenient themes available on numerous sites. These stores provide modern and quality wordpress theme for eCommerce site.

Stick around, and let’s get to it.

What are eCommerce WordPress Themes?

For your better understanding, let’s begin with the definition of themes, then the term ‘eCommerce’, and finally summing it up with what WordPress means.

The word ‘theme’ in its technical sense, can be described as a concept that can be differentiated by the layout, designs, colors, texture, and so on. Therefore, themes are the general design of art, website, room, or work in general.

Moving on, eCommerce is used to describe online websites that can be classified or known for their products or services that are displayed and sold on the website. eCommerce can also also be described as online stores. They are a convenient medium for a person; merchant, retailer, or wholesaler, to sell their product or services over the web. That is, ‘E’ – which stands for electronic; so we have electronic commerce. It simply means commercial activities executed digitally.

Also, WordPress is a Content Management system (CMS), which creates an avenue for a host of individuals to create and build optimized websites through the implementation of various plugins, tools, and themes as well. Following the statistics done in 2021, four hundred and fifty-five million websites are built under WordPress, out of 1.3 billion websites on the web. For more understanding of WordPress websites, check this out.

Jointly, eCommerce WordPress theme refers to the layout, design, format, color, etc, of the WordPress website utilized for the commercialization of numerous or specific products and/or services. 

However, the theme picked for your website would go a long way in heightening the purpose of your store.

What is the Purpose of a Quality Theme?

Rightly said, the importance of the site’s themes can not be overemphasized. You need the best theme for your website.

You need a quality theme to;

  • Help determine the brand of the online store, as well as, marketability structure.
  • Attract visitors, and in turn, increase the traffic on the site.
  • Define the consistency and enable your website to be picked out by its theme.
  • Help highlight the best part of your product or services.
  • Improve sales.

Therefore, it is right to say themes are an important part of every website, WordPress or not. For example, imagine you as a user visiting a blank site, or disorganized collection of words, images, Gif, and other content, or lack of a befitting layout, etc. You would surely be discouraged to purchase from such an eCommerce store, let alone visit the site again. This also applies to the wrongful use of themes.

What Is The Best WordPress Theme for an eCommerce Site?

Just to be clear, there are numerous types of themes, although themes can be classified according to their color, purpose, layout, and a host of others. However, for this guide, themes would be differentiated according to Free and Premium Themes.

Now, what are Free themes? Free themes are easy to come across, they are also simple and very easy to navigate because they are made as a beginner setup. Free themes are unpaid themes that are admissible to website owners to use without the issuance of a payment method. However, these most times vary because some websites allow free themes for a trial period. In other words, you can use the theme free of any charge for a specified period. 

Benefits of Free WordPress Theme for Ecommerce Site

  • Easy setup.
  • Easy to come across. 
  • Simple, less design, and less technical content.

However, some disadvantages of using free themes are;

  • Less design and usually made to have less or no effect on the user’s websites.
  • The purpose of the theme may not be properly rendered.
  • They most times receive no support when an issue arises. 
  • Less improvement or productivity.
  • Free themes are commonly made susceptible to bugs and issues because they are less often updated.
  • Some free themes probe the security protection of your device because they are produced with less consideration since they offer no or less profit to the creator.

This is why the website you are gaining the free themes is quite essential. 

Benefits of Pro WordPress Theme for Ecommerce Site

  • Heightened functionality
  • Unique and the best designs
  • Best for established business brands or companies.
  • Added support on all issues

Personally, a disadvantage to all these advantages is that the premium version comes at a cost.

1. SparkleStore Pro Themes 

Best wordpress theme for ecommerce

SparkleStore Pro Themes is one of the most highly-defined eCommerce WordPress themes with modern and clean design and other advanced features. All designated features of these themes are curatively made to naturally awe every visitor on the eCommerce site. Additionally, it provides a convenient and smooth experience for users. 

If you are in search of modern, flexible, easy-to-use, advanced features combined with technicality and versatility, then you have found the right theme for your website. SparkleStore Pro provides the best features to the user and allows them the opportunity to choose from varieties of designs and features. For example, if you prefer the list view of the product of your website, compared to the grid view, you can simply achieve this with simple navigation. 

Best wordpress theme for ecommerce site

From the Home button to Advance Features, to Multiple Demos, to More Features, to Update Log, to Free Vs Pro, and to Documentation, you can get ALL that you are in search for. SparkleStore Pro is flexible and conveniently created to match every user style, product, and eCommerce site. 

Features of SparkleStore Pro Themes

a. Demo Option 

ecommerce wordpress templates

Truly, you might feel skeptical about website themes not giving the value of which they speak. However, at SparkleStore, users are allowed to explore the themes beforehand. In other words, the demo option allows users to go through the theme before purchasing it.  

Additionally, the themes produced in SparkleStore Pro are made for varieties of businesses. In other words, the themes are versatile and multi-dimensional. eCommerce WordPress themes available on the website on business niches are; Furniture, Cosmetic Lighter, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Sparkle Kids, Sparkle Store Pro, Tools, Sport, Car Parts, Clothing, Fashion, Medical Store, Medicine, Organic, Plant, Digital, Pharmacy, Dress, and Cosmetic Shop Themes, and so much more. You can seamlessly browse through over twenty pre-designed templates.

All you have to do is select the theme that suits your business type, check the varieties of themes available, see the theme demo, and make your purchase. Quite straightforward. The webpage is distinctively created in a way that users can easily navigate through it. 

This demo set includes a One-Click Demo Installer that allows users to install the pre-designed templates, edit it to one’s satisfaction, and get started with purchasing a real theme for your website.

b. Advanced Customization

ecommerce wordpress themes

One of the major components of SparkleStore Pro is the live WordPress customization that allows you to choose your preferred interface and freely customize your webpage to your desired taste. These customization features include but are not limited to;

  • Style and Settings Tab Options
  • Mobile-Friendly Margin/Padding Options
  • Unlimited Color Schemes
  • HTML Editor
  • Icon Selector, and many more.

After selecting your preferred theme, you can creatively change the theme structure to your satisfaction which is of utmost priority. The customization options are user-friendly for every individual. 

c. Drag & Drop Header Builder

Header builder is a new feature that permits users to produce and re-modify the header of their website using drag and drop advanced features. On SparkleStore Pro, users can creatively manage their header builder. The drag&drop header builder on SparkleStore Pro consists of Cart, logo, wishlist, notification box, search, HTML, Menu, and so much more.

Check out the video version and a guide on how to operate the header design.

ecommerce wordpress themes

The menu button is similar to the hero of a website. If you are in search of something on a website, and you take a look at the menu button of any website, you are most likely to find what you are in search for after clicking on the menu option.

In SparkleStore Pro, the built-in mega menu option lets you customize your menu to the extent of selecting its size, layouts/columns, icons, background images, padding, etc. It also includes Widgets, Full Width & Auto Width, and Templates that can be utilized to your satisfaction. 

d. Timer Settings

  wordpress theme for ecommerce site

In case you are running a limited promotional deal or sales offers, you can utilize the built-in timer option which can also be customized in numerous styles. You can move through the grid product timer or single product timer, or four-dimensional product style

e. Widgets-Customisation

  wordpress theme for ecommerce site

In addition to the customizable features, users can easily navigate through the single panel and produce a widget using the style settings. The widget-customization includes Tab Category Products, Hot Single Deal Product, Full Promo Image/Video, Product Category, Hot Offer Product List, Testimonial, Accordion Tab & More, Brand/Client Logo, Faq Widget, and About Info. This list does not exhaust the number of customizable widgets with SparkleStore Pro. You can get first-hand experience by checking out the site’s page.

f. RTL (Right-to-Left) Language Support

  wordpress theme for ecommerce site

Not into English? You can translate your website page into any language you prefer using. Po &.Mo Files. You can create a multilingual website as well. The themes are compatible with any written language in the right to left order. 

The team is working on improving this feature to other languages, although the available languages are no barrier in reaching a large audience.

 g.Layout Styles 

  wordpress theme for ecommerce site

Users can choose the layout style of the products on their website. The product could be displayed in a list view, grid view, two columns grid view, and three columns grid view. 

h. Sidebar Layouts

Sidebar Layouts

Users have the choice to choose between displaying the sidebar layout or hiding it. Additionally, if displayed, you also get to choose the position of the sidebar option; whether left or right. 

i. Product Hover Style

eCommerce WordPress Themes - product hover style

To make your site interactive, there is a provision for three different types of product hovers. This is user-friendly and available for users. 

j. Built-In One-Click Automatic Update

The SparkleStore Pro comes with an automatic and fast installation update. Therefore users can avoid the whole process of manually updating the theme. For a better experience, after buying a SparkleStore theme, users should include the theme license key on the theme license page in the WordPress dashboard. This way, you would get regular notifications on new updates

This is only available to premium themes. The header and footer information does not have to be the same boring text with SparkleStore Pro. Without the use of codes or any themes files, you can easily edit the copyright content at the footer side of your website. 

l. Drag & Drop Page Builder

SparkleStore Pro themes is a multipurpose eCommerce WordPress theme. These themes are creatively produced to be compatible with numerous page builders such as Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Site Origin, Beaver Builder, etc. so you do not have to worry about the compatibility of your selected themes with any page builder.

With custom-built search scripts, users are allowed to manage their search queries and experience. The built-in ajax search functions effectively in giving the user the best experience when searching. 

n. WooCommerce Integration 

SparkleStore Pro Themes allows for the integration of WooCommerce plugins such as Wishlists, Quick View, and Compare. This integration also promotes seamless buying and selling of the user’s products through the integration of core features like Shop page layouts, Personal account page, Ajax shopping cart, Single Product pages, Product image zoom, Products carousel and latest posts carousel, Filter by size, color, and material, Product images lightbox for details page, etc. 

This integration creates an excellent shopping experience for the customer on the site. For example, the wishlist feature lets the customer add one or more products to the list, and allows the customer to compare between two similar products. 

The Ajax shopping cart also gives the customer an overall excellent sale process. 

o. Revolution Slider 

Any theme purchased from SparklesStore Pro is compatible with Revolution Slider. This plugin lets users customize the content on their website and display it beautifully. It gives the overall control of the site to the user.

p.Plugins Compatibility

Other plugins which SparkleStore Pro themes are compatible with are; Visual Composer, 

Essential Grid, Templatera, Wishlist optional feature, Products compare, MailPoet, Mailchimp for WordPress, Contact Form 7, etc. These plugins can be easily integrated into your WordPress website.

Plans & Pricing

Depending on your choice, the price for themes on SparkleStore Pro differs. For example, if you are getting a theme for a single site on yearly terms, it would be quite different from another user that purports to purchase themes for unlimited sites and an infinite period. 

However, the price of purchasing a theme in the store ranges from $59 – $500, excluding any additional feature which is optional but important. These additional features include; Installation + Demo Import, Theme installation, Site Optimization, and Speed Optimization. The prices of these additional features vary and depend on whether the client would like to include the feature in the package.

Likewise, free versions of some themes are made admissible to users. However, it is not recommendable in any way because most of the features are exempted from the free version. Personally, it is like working on a limited demo version. The Premium version comes with loads of skyrocketing features. 

It is important to note that the store’s price is inclusive of tax fees, so customers would not have to go through paying any extra charges. Additionally, there is a 14-day safe refund policy on every purchase. 

How To Use An Ecommerce WordPress Template

A template refers to copies of an original work. It could also be termed as a pattern used to produce other work. In this case, SparkleStore Pro has highly-defined pre-designed templates that are numbered over twenty.

These templates range from several types- from business to sport, to electronic, to wedding, to fashion, to car parts, and so much more. This shows that the themes support multiple products and services. Therefore, it does not matter what sort of business you operate, you would find the right theme on SparkleStore Pro.

On this note, if you are unclear on how to use the predesigned templates on SparkleStore Pro, follow these steps.

Step 1: Gain access to SparkleStore Pro.

Step 2: On your right-hand side, you would see Demo Icon and Buy Now Icon at a corner on the upper right side of the page. Click on the Demo Icon.

Step 3: Carefully scroll through the pre-designed templates, and click on your preferred templates.

Step 4: You are in! You should be able to see a replicate design of that theme. This can however be customized to suit one’s satisfaction.  


You can begin with SparkleStore Pro. Scroll down a little, at the top side of the page, you should see some page info such as Home, Advance Features, Demos, More Feature, Update Log, Free Vs Pro, Documentation. Click on the DEMO icon and have it scroll you to the right page position. You should see the pre-designed templates at this point. 


You can also check it out easily through DEMO.

Explore the pages, the looks, bask in everything. You do not have to worry, orders filed or any other thing done on the demo site has no effect whatsoever.

Benefits Of Using Sparklestore WordPress Theme For An Ecommerce Site

  1. The Premium themes are embedded with GDPR complaints that protect the theme against legal action, warning, or suspension. 
  2. All themes are highly customizable to the user’s taste. 
  3. All the themes are compatible with some common WordPress multilingual plugins such as WPML, Polylang, Weglot, and MultilingualPress.
  4. The store’s themes are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
  5. All themes are produced under various SEO practices to rank the website better on the search engine page. 
  6. There is a provision for child theme support. This is advantageous for kiddies’ websites or educational websites, and so on.
  7. All themes support various internet browsers; safari, chrome, edge, firefox, etc.
  8. The themes can be customized and integrated into WordPress websites with little to no coding. Basic knowledge in coding is unnecessary.
  9. Regular customer support to all customers and individuals who would want to make inquiries. You can reach out to the team through any of the following means.
  10. Documented guide for users to easily navigate through the themes, and implement them on their websites.

2. Botiga 

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Botiga

Our number two on the list are the Botiga themes. Botiga offers modern, stylish, and classic themes to users and produces a great result because they are user-friendly, with customizable options for users to choose their desired style. 

Furthermore, Botiga offers other impressive features such as listing styles, product gallery, cart layout, product filters, checkout styles, badge styles, product search, product recommendation, scroll to top customizable features, and a host of others. Numerous themes are made available for users for whichever niches. And users get more features with their Pro version that comes at a cost.

3. Hello Elementor 

 Hello Elementor

Well, joining our list is the Elementor theme. Do you want a fast and versatile theme? This theme is your answer. This is surely one of the best free WordPress eCommerce themes. Hello Elementor is built for speed, you get to use the elementor editor to build content without coding; a host of templates available at the elementor library; enjoy the flexibility and easily customize the footer, header, pages, and so on with Elementor Theme Builder. 

Additionally, Elementor themes are made available for various individuals ranging from web designers, web developers, agencies, marketers, small-scale business owners, etc. Like other eCommerce theme stores, Hello Elementor also offers free plans for users, as well as paid plans, where you get more skyrocketing features. 

4. Metro


Coming fourth is the Metro theme specifically created as a minimal WooCommerce WordPress theme with varieties of impressive features such as numerous design layouts, responsive and mobile-friendly operation, demo option, Dokan Multivendor support, support for most WordPress plugins, and so on.

Furthermore, metro themes are perfect for blogs because of its colorful nature and patterns/layouts. You can download this software directly here. Using Metro comes at a cost for every user.

5. Astra 

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Astra

Astra is one of the fastest-growing theme industries in the world today. The theme store is light weighted, yet quite fast in performance. Astra features cuts across its optimized performance, designs, site layouts, custom layouts, Integration, Control, Blog layouts, and typography. Therefore, users get to enjoy so many benefits for using the Astra themes, some of which are only admissible when the user pays for the advanced option. You can enjoy the free or pro version of Astra themes but would be missing out on a whole bundle of fantastic features available only on the pro version.

6. Divi

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Divi

Divi is among the most popular WordPress themes in the world. They are extremely popular and variously used by users all over the world. Divi has over 19,000 reviews on Trustpilot. The themes get downloads every day and seem to be widely popularized among website owners. 

Divi themes are made for numerous purposes and can be used for varieties of individuals regardless of whether you are a freelancer, agency, company, or a small-scale business owner. Divi has the perfect theme for you. Also, Divi themes are quite unique and offer a bunch of customizable options for users, as well as a great performance, efficiency on a whole new level, marketing optimization, and so on. You can opt for a demo here. And later on, opt for the free or paid service.

7. GeneratePress

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - GeneratePress

With over three million downloads, GeneratePress is one of the leading and most efficient themes across the world. GeneratePress focuses on the themes of efficiency, value, speed, and accessibility. Therefore, users can get the value for their money in full.

And, GeneratePress is set to start the first-ever block-based theme builder. Check out more information here. When it comes to usability, speed, efficiency, formal designs, then GeneratePass is the right option for you. Join GeneratePass premium at a cost, but you can as well enjoy the free version. However, you should go for the premium version to get the best out of this theme. 

8. GoStore

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - GoStore

This is a WooCommerce WordPress theme carefully curated for online stores that specializes in electronic products. Therefore, if your online store does not fall within this category, it is advisable not to go for it. However, if you are up for a narrow and specialized theme niche, then GoStore got you covered. The theme offers a host of advanced and unique features such as ajax optimized search, mega menu, infinity scroll, and so much more. You should also know that the only way to use this theme is by purchasing the software on this page.

9. OceanWP

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - OceanWP

On our list is OceanWP, which is a professional WordPress theme specifically designed to give users such as agencies and business owners the perfect and formal look for their eCommerce WordPress site. OceanWP is optimized for great speed and best performance. Other notable features cut across its easy setup, available demo, customizable options, WooCommerce integration, and so much more. You can download the software directly here. The free version is made available for everyone with notable features, whereas the premium version is only required for bundle extension. 

10. Jayla

Ecommerce WordPress Theme - Jayla

Jayla is a stylish, classic, and modern theme perfect for every site owner looking at selling products, services, or applications. Whichever one, Jayla offers a stylish modern look that can suit the user’s purpose on the online store. Jayla is a MultiPurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme with unique designs and layouts, content editor, and other customizable options, one-click demo, google fonts support, YoastSEO compatibility, header and footer builder, and so on, which are made to suit the user’s preference. You can access the software on this page.

How To Install WordPress Themes

Accordingly, there are three distinctive ways on how you can install the eCommerce theme on your site. Remember, it’s one step in picking the right theme and another step in installing it properly on your WordPress site. WordPress allows so much technicality and therefore, ensures the steps are followed rightly. 

You can install the best eCommerce WordPress theme by;

  • Installing through the Theme Directory,
  • Or installing through the upload method,
  • Or installing through File-Transfer Protocol (FTP).

The first part majorly deals with a couple of navigation through the admin page of your WordPress website, locating the theme, downloading it, and activating it once the download is completed.

Whereas the second part is commonly used when the theme is gotten from a third party, you can easily upload it on your eCommerce WordPress site through the zip. file of the themes. 

And lastly, the third part is quite technical but recommendable when the theme file is complex or large. That technique might look large at first because at a point you have to create an account with your hosting provider, and other important steps. However, all you need to do is follow the steps accordingly, without rush, and attain your aim.

You can contact us through any admissible means, or by dropping off a comment if any issue arises.

Our Choice

Having mentioned ten great and impressive eCommerce WordPress themes for 2022, our highly recommendable choice is SparkleStore Pro. They offer support for both free and paid themes, an affordable cost for paid themes, unique experience, varieties of niches, easy navigation, easy setup, detailed documentation of all themes, and a host of other mind-blowing features. 

SparkleStore Pro produces the best theme for everyone, therefore no segregation. And since it is a multipurpose theme, themes can be used for any purpose desired by the user. 

In other words, SparkleStore Pro covers all purposes, therefore unspecialized, and also, can be used by numerous individuals across the world. The eCommerce store offers a tutorial package and knowledge base for all visitors to align themselves better with the store themes. 


Sparkle Themes are a group of intellectuals who established the SparkleStore Pro which in turn consists of several themes. These themes have been embedded with highly profound features that are not usually found in a single theme package. 

From the stunning pre-designed templates, multiple header designs, multiple color schemes, affordable price that suits everyone, and the theme’s compatibility and integration of most WordPress plugins.

This collectively brings out the modern and classic outlook of each theme in SparkleStore Pro. Each theme is carefully produced to suit every user regardless of their business and preference. Firstly, the theme is created to cover numerous business niches. And secondly, since everyone can not have the same style, the theme features are highly customizable.

Ultimately, SparkleStore Pro themes are set to drive a bunch of website visitors to the user following its various features and SEO practices. It won’t be wrong to say that the SparkleStore Pro theme is among the best WordPress themes for eCommerce sites. 

Sparkle Theme Editorial team includes a group of passionate writers, editors, and bloggers who actively write on different topics related to Wordpress, SEO, Web hosting, eCommerce, and many more.

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